Fresh fruit,

a healty abit

We are specialised in marketing soft, tropical and citrus fruit throughout the calendar year.

Varesco Worldwide
As Varesco Group, we have founded Varesco Silva Group in México, where we have our berries fields and a cooperative with other growers in different productive areas of South America.
With this we will be able to offer you a better and constant supply for your programs during our season.
Our fruit arrives from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico and America during the autumn and winter while they are of Italian and European origin during the spring and summer.

Tropical fruit,

directly from the farmers

Whether you intend to cook it, eat it or simply use it for decoration, exotic fruit has now become a part of our homes. You can practically buy the flavours of distant lands right next door.

Sustainable farming

to help the environment

Our products come from sustainable farms and breeders who fully respect nature and the environment.

Powdered milk-based


We provide powdered milk and powdered milk-based products for industries and we guarantee quality products and prompt service to our customers.

Organic Products,

nature and wholesomeness at your fingertips

The Bio line is produced the traditional way, guaranteeing the preservation of all of its NATURAL PROPERTIES and EXCELLENT QUALITY

Cream products,

natural sweetness

We guarantee our customers: highly qualified HO.RE.CA. and Large-Scale Retail Distributors, quality and professionalism for a total of 230 products present in 40 countries.


efficiency and dependability

We guarantee quick delivery and safety throughout the world thanks to our extensive international distribution network.

Why choose us?
Varesco Group is a dependable, fast-working and professional international business team. Our international network of contacts and multi-lingual staff offers customers a global service, products and services in the food and farming industries and in the marketing and sales of fruit and plants. As a company, the goal of Varesco Group is to contribute to the success of its customers with its finest products and services resulting from its know-how and experience.

Selected Products

We work exclusively with suppliers who are able to guarantee international certification. Our team of experts make it possible for us to guarantee product safety, its traceability and quality control.


Our duty is to satisfy the requests of our customers. We are also committed to the skilled and dependable administration of all necessary processes, supplying all kinds of packaging and supervising the entire logistic process.

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